High-end Cross bow ring earring necklace box

Item No.: B8
Unit Price:$0.18, MOQ :240 Pieces

High-end Cross bow ring earring necklace Jewelry box 

 Product information
Product Name: pearl paper world cover 3 sets of rings and Earrings Necklace Jewelry Box
Specification (cm):5*8
Material: 600g Grey Board + pearlescent paper ribbon bow * +2cm Phnom Penh
Materials: 1.4cm sponge + short flannel (black)
Packing: 24 piece per bag,50 bags per carton,  1200 pieces per carton.
Logistics: optional of logistics
Price Description: the number of more than 10000 price can be preferential
Save tip: please try to take the multple of each bag
Product introduction: This product is suitable for packing rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, bracelets and jewelry